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Bosnian Cuisine Arrives In Utah

Posted by City Weekly

By Ted Scheffler

Ibro Sameric is a proud man. He’s proud of his restaurant, proud of the food he serves there, proud of his country, proud of his newly adopted home of Utah and proud of his city of origin: Mostar, which is in Bosnia. That’s where the 13th-century bridge that the Old Bridge Café is named for is located. There is a large mural of it on one of the restaurant’s walls, and if you inquire about it, Sameric is quick to bring you a book of photographs and the history of Mostar to peruse. The lean, fit and tanned 53-year-old loves to talk about Bosnia and the food and culture of his homeland. His enthusiasm is infectious, and the food—well, you’re gonna love it. I sure did.

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Old Bridge Cafe

Posted by Utah Stories in Local Spotlight

by Richard Markosian

From the war-torn city of Mostar, Bosnia to living broke in Salt Lake City. Now 12 years later Ibro Sameric opens his dream restaurant.

The charm of Bosnian culture is their ability to enjoy life rather than stuff. Maybe this is due to what they suffered from the recent war. But many Bosnians I’ve met value beautiful home gardens, hard work, and good food. Another trait of Bosnians is amazing hospitality to visitors. This is probably the reason Bosnians do well in the restaurant business.

Old Bridge Cafe

The “old bridge” was once the greatest symbol of Bosnia’s solidarity of culture and spirit despite religious differences.

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