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Spinachopita & Buredzici

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Natural Steak and Eggs

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Old Bridge Shish Kebab

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Dolma - Stuffed Peppers

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Multi- Layered Delight Cake, Baklava & Apple Home-Made Cake



Fillo dough filled with different ingredients.

Zeljanica (3.00)

Fillo dough stuffed with spinach and cheese.


Old Bridge Chicken Soup (4.00)


Seasonal Salad (4.00)

Old Bridge Chicken Salad (8.00)


Eggs and Ćevapi (7.0)

Two scrambled eggs served with 3 beef sausages and cheese.

Natural Steak and Eggs (8.00)

Steak served with two eggs and cheese.

Smoked Beef Omelet With Cheese (7.00)


Grilled Chicken Sandwich (7.00)

Grilled Beef Sandwich (8.00)

Main Courses

Ćevapi (10.00/10pcs)(7.00/5pcs)

Traditional Bosnian beef sausages served in pita- bread with kajmak (cheese spread) and onions.

Pljeskavica (10.00)

Bosnian Style Hamburger

Old Bridge Shish Kebab (12.00/2sticks)(8.00/1stick)

Rib-Eye Steak, Chicken, Peppers.

Rib-Eye Steak Shish Kebab (14.00)

Chicken Shish Kebab (10.00)

Mućkalica (14.00)

Stir fry made with rib-eye steak, onion, mushrooms, pickles, sour peppers, hot peppers, ajvar.

Dolma (8.00)

Stuffed peppers with beef and rice.

Sarma (8.00)

Beef and rice rolled in sour cabbage.

Balkan Platter (18.00)(28.00/2person)

One Old Bridge Shish Kebab, three Ćevaps, small steak and chicken.

Old Bridge Platter (25.00/2person)

One Old Bridge Shish Kebab, five Ćevaps, one Dolma, one Sarma, one Zeljanica, served with rice and potatoes.

Bečka Šnicla (Vienna Schnitzel) (12.00)

Breaded eye of round steak, served with potatoes.

Beef Goulash (8.00)


Baklava (3)

Multi- Layered Delight Cake (3)


Botled Soda (2.00)

Cockta (Caramel based soda) (2.50)

Orangina (2.50)

Jupi (2.50)

Fructal (Blueberry or Peach) (2.50)

RedBull (3.00)

Turska Kafa (Turkish Coffee) (2.50)

SB Frapuccino (3.00)

Cappuccino (3.00)

Espresso (2.00)

Tea (2.00)

Mineral Water (2.50)

Bottled Water (1.00)